Suppliers and their individual search worldwide

Suppliers and their individual search worldwide

Want to start a business and don't know where to start? Tiekejai.eu is at your service!


Often, those who want to start a business, or even entrepreneurs themselves, are faced with questions that take a long time to answer, only to be disappointed when they do not. All of this undeniably affects and hinders business development. Tiekejai.eu exists for this very reason, to avoid all this and to ensure that the desired business model is implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, in order to turn to us, the first and only step, but no less important, you will have to take yourself. Generate an idea and set your goals and objectives. The work you do will help you to identify exactly what kind of product suppliers you need and which business model will be the most suitable and acceptable for you to realise your idea. Well, then feel free to get in touch and let us help!

Classification and categories of suppliers

Business models or types are classified into four main areas:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Wholesale
  3. Retail trade
  4. Dropshipping

Manufacturers are the most important business model in our global economy. All manufactured and certified products are sold to wholesalers. Wholesalers resell products from producers to retailers, partners or official agents who sell online (dropshipping) or in physical stores. Thus, the goods arrive in the shops from the primary business sector and eventually reach the final destination - the full-line shops. The result is a seamless and large chain of business sectors, the links of which become totally interdependent. It is in this way that goods are integrated into the household, the home, reach customers and become fully applicable in the wider environment.

Us and finding suppliers for your future business

By analysing our clients' expectations, we find the best solution for starting or renewing a business with new products. In this way, we create and improve current (existing) business opportunities and growth. Often, new suppliers bring record profits to the business through better prices and shipping conditions. We work with all business models, sourcing suppliers on all issues, all over the world, in all niches, so the spectrum is very broad.

Recommendations and decisions

Do you already know which niche suppliers to choose? If not, we can help with this too, by advising and discussing all the nuances, such as budget.
The most purchased goods are the ones most consumed in everyday activities and households. Of course, we should not forget the competition, which is very high.
The most frequent request we receive is for clothing suppliers, a business that has a particularly high demand in the fast fashion sector worldwide.
In this area, it is worth thinking hard about which categories of clothing to choose, keeping an eye on the ever-renewable trends in terms of the season. And to make sure that everything goes smoothly, we can help you find the suppliers who offer the best conditions for delivery, quality and price.
We sincerely wish you to work or find a niche that brings you positive feelings, smiles and motivation. Dream boldly and find your calling! And then don't stop and pursue it! Work done with sincerity and care is the key to success. So, sincerity and care!

Yours, Tiekejai.eu