Targeted search for producers worldwide

Targeted search for producers worldwide

We search for manufacturers around the world according to the customer's needs. We are freelancers who can represent your company in long-term projects at the best price on the market.

Manufacturer search and oem manufacturer search

Why tiekejai.eu in the manufacturer search?

*Market analysis
*Experience in finding manufacturers
*Finding manufacturers that exactly meet the customer's needs.
*Saving client's money, negotiating with manufacturers to the most favourable terms.
*We work in all niches, from materials, raw materials to any other product category.
*We will provide manufacturer contacts to start working independently.
*Logistics solutions are extra.
*Only sincere work.

Search for OEMs

What is OEM manufacturing?

This is production of products with your brand name.
OEM manufacturers agreeing to produce products under your brand name.

When companies decide Produce branded products Tiekejai.eu will help you find OEM manufacturers around the world who will do it properly.

Supplier sourcing

The consultation is free.