Clothing suppliers

Clothing suppliers



  1. Our in the list of suppliers of clothing you will find suppliers who offer a wide range of wardrobes, name badges, footwear and accessories. Suppliers cooperate in dropshipping and wholesaling. Carefully selected and verified clothing list of suppliers with filtering function to access up to 360 clothing suppliers. Suppliers come from all over the world, including Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine and countless other countries. Sound good? On top of all this, we'll give you free lessons on everything from setting up an e-shop to e-commerce networks to advertising!

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Clothing suppliers is the perfect choice for business, clothing is essential to people's daily lives, just as food is. The clothing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and many suppliers are using the latest technology to improve their production processes and increase their business volume.

Clothing suppliers can strive to meet the needs of its customers by providing a wide range of styles and colours, and by maintaining responsible manufacturing practices such as improving working conditions and respecting the environment. This helps to ensure a positive brand image and increased revenues. In addition, thanks to the ever-growing development of e-commerce and the internet, you can reach even more customers. This in turn helps to increase demand and volume. However, competition in the clothing sector is quite strong. It is important to be innovative and to find the right suppliers at competitive prices in order to stay competitive and meet customer needs.

Our website, tiekejai.eu, offers professionally compiled lists of clothing suppliers. These clothing suppliers are based on quality, prices and the choice of dropshipping and wholesale trade models.

Dropshipping is a trading model in which you trade products without physically holding them. This means that you order the goods directly from the supplier and he delivers the goods directly to your customer's home. This is a convenient way to start trading without a lot of capital.

Wholesaling is a trading model where you buy goods in bulk and then sell them to your customers at a higher price. This can be useful if you have a large customer base, or a warehouse where you keep your goods More about business models and which one to choose here.

Suitable suppliers of clothing

Choosing the right clothing suppliers can be an important decision that can affect the quality and reliability of your goods. We recommend that you pay attention to the following important characteristics:

  • Reliability: you need to choose a supplier who can guarantee a regular and reliable supply of products.
  • Quality: check suppliers' production and auditing practices to ensure high quality garments.
  • Price: you need to check the price competitiveness of suppliers and whether they can provide the right price and margin for your business.
  • Responsible manufacturing practices: you should choose a supplier that follows responsible manufacturing practices, such as improving working conditions and respecting the environment.
  • Customer service: you need to choose a supplier that provides good customer service and is ready to answer your questions and needs.

Conclusion: Having the right clothing suppliers is one of the most important decisions. Nowadays you can sell anything, but it is much better to start with serious suppliers who will give you the best they can. With good suppliers, you won't have to look for others later and redo the whole business. In the end, you need to focus on reliability, quality, price, responsible manufacturing practices and customer service.

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The widest list of suppliers in Lithuania

We offer not only the widest list of suppliers, but also the best prices in Lithuania

Get a free list of suppliers when you buy!

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All suppliers in excel format with search function, so you can quickly find the right suppliers by country or category!

Verified suppliers

All suppliers are carefully hand-picked as part of the supplier search process.

Wholesale and dropshipping

The list includes not only wholesale but also dropshipping suppliers

Niche and market goods

In the list of suppliers you will find the best suppliers with the possibility to sell 100%-300% at a mark-up and the market items visible in Lithuania.

Are there any suppliers who ship to Lithuania in the supplier list?

Yes, almost all suppliers deliver to Lithuania and other countries.

Is the list limited to wholesale suppliers?

In addition to wholesale suppliers, you will also find manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers in the supplier list.

How do I find the right supplier?

Use the filtering in the list of suppliers by category and country to find the right supplier much faster.

I haven't found a suitable supplier, what should I do?

Contact us for a individual search, Our core work has been targeted supplier search for 7 years.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes of course, if you need an invoice please contact me by email.

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