Suppliers list with a trained AI Assistant

Suppliers list with a trained AI Assistant


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Dream of becoming an entrepreneur? We'll help you make it happen. Discover our unique offer for newcomers: a comprehensive list of 2500+ suppliers and the intuitive ChatGPT assistant. Our supplier list opens the door to a wide selection of suppliers from all over the world, while our ChatGPT Assistant gives you access to tips and recommendations to help you find the right supplier for your business. This is the perfect solution for those taking their first steps in the business world and looking for reliable partners.

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Try our exclusive offer: a powerful and trained ChatGPT assistant that uses our business data and a comprehensive list of 2500+ suppliers. Our dropship supplier list will open the door to over 2500 suppliers from various countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Turkey, USA, Italy and more, you can easily discover the right partner by filtering the suppliers in the supplier list or try the DI assistant. Our platform provides unlimited access, only a ChatGPT 4 subscription is required to use our assistant.

Starting a business can be quite challenging, but with the right tools you can take your first steps with confidence. We understand that finding reliable suppliers or partners is one of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs. That's why we have developed an exclusive solution to make this task easier.

Our list of 2500 suppliers is designed for both new and experienced entrepreneurs looking to expand or start their business. You will find suppliers from a wide range of countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Turkey, USA, Italy and more, offering a wide range of products. From clothing and electronics to household items and gardening supplies, you'll find everything you need to make your business a success.

Our ChatGPT Assistant is another tool in your arsenal. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to give you personalised recommendations and advice on how to find the ideal supplier for your business needs. With the assistant, you can ask questions, search for suppliers by category or even geographic location, saving you time and resources.

This combination of an extended supplier list and a personal AI assistant is the perfect basis for a successful start-up. Not only does it give you the tools and information you need, but it also reduces the risk of starting a business by helping you plan your purchases efficiently and intelligently.

Don't let the challenges of the start-up get in the way of your business dreams. With our supplier list and ChatGPT Assistant, you have everything you need to start your business with confidence and take the first steps towards success.

Demesio! In order to use the personal assistant trained by suppliers.eu you need a open ai plus subscription!

Why choose our supplier list?

The widest list of suppliers in Lithuania

We offer not only the widest list of suppliers, but also the best prices in Lithuania

Get a free list of suppliers when you buy!

Basic information, training and tips on how to start trading and have your own e-shop in one day. Automation of your e-shop and dropship suppliers (automatic refreshing of products). Overview and training on free and paid advertising.

Convenient supplier filtering

All suppliers in excel format with search function, so you can quickly find the right suppliers by country or category!

Verified suppliers

All suppliers are carefully hand-picked as part of the supplier search process.

Wholesale and dropshipping

The list includes not only wholesale but also dropshipping suppliers

Niche and market goods

In the list of suppliers you will find the best suppliers with the possibility to sell 100%-300% at a mark-up and the market items visible in Lithuania.

Are there any suppliers who ship to Lithuania in the supplier list?

Yes, almost all suppliers deliver to Lithuania and other countries.

Is the list limited to wholesale suppliers?

In addition to wholesale suppliers, you will also find manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers in the supplier list.

How do I find the right supplier?

Use the filtering in the list of suppliers by category and country to find the right supplier much faster.

I haven't found a suitable supplier, what should I do?

Contact us for a individual search, Our core work has been targeted supplier search for 7 years.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes of course, if you need an invoice please contact me by email.

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